Monday, March 28, 2011

Fly Lady

Are you a Stay at Home Mom trying to run a
household and yet feel like you don't get much
accomplished around your home?

Are you a working Mom who struggles finding time
to keep things tidy and organized?

Do you feel like the clutter is taking over?

Want help in teaching your children to take Initiative and help out around your home?

About a year ago, I was really impressed with how one of my friend's took care of her family and home.  She is a Stay at Home Mom, homeschooling one of her kids, our church's nursery coordinator, and is very involved in a whole lot more ministry areas; I couldn't list them all.  Her family loves to serve others in the way of hospitality, so friends and family are often at their home.  You would think that her home would reflect her busyness, but honestly she is very well organized and things are always tidy.

I asked her about "her secret" because even with my minimal busyness, I had always counted on Saturday morning for the 3 hour big clean and then my house is "lived in", as I used to call it, for the remainder of the week. I have learned that my health can not take that any more.  Instead I have to do minimal jobs here and there, spread out over the week.

Her secret was a book called Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley, AKA The Fly Lady.  What a great book!?!  It has transformed my life especially being a SAHM.  I have to admit that I don't always have perfect days, but it sure adds some schedule and organization to my home.

Here are the Basic ideas from the Fly Lady:
1. Calendar organization---keep a good calendar with dates for the whole family.  She color codes each person and even has some stickers that she sells to help you stay organized.
2. Daily Routines---plan a morning routine and night routine that is the same for each day.
3. Weekly Routines---plan each day's basic schedule (ie: Desk Day, Errand Day, etc.) including some time in the Weekly Fly Zone (Kitchen, Dining Room, Master Bath, extra Bedroom, Laundry Room, Entry Way).
4. Weekly Fly Zone---get those spring cleaning jobs done a little at a time once a month so your house always feels clean.
5. Control Journal---this is an organizational journal that keeps all of your family information on hand.  This includes your doctor's numbers, fast food menus, emergency numbers, Fly Zone cleaning lists, Daily Routines lists and anything else that you like to keep on hand.  I also add in some addresses, card calendar for friends and family, bible verse memorization, monthly dinner menu and recipes that I need on-hand a lot. No more hunting for the plumber's number for an emergency or trying to find the doctor's number when your child is sick! Just get a regular folder and add some plastic sleeves and you are on your way.
6. Hot Spots & 27-Fling Boogie---she also helps you with some cleaning tips to keep away that clutter. Hot Spots are areas that seem to grow clutter (for me it's the dining room table).  The 27-Fling Boogie is when you take about 5 min. to gather 27 items that you want to donate or throw away.

The best way to get started is to look at the Beginner Baby Steps page on her website, She will walk you through building some of the routines into your schedule and talk about how small things change things drastically.  Then you can also sign up for her daily newsletter from her site.  This will keep you touch with new ideas and the Weekly Fly Zone.

I have to say that at first I followed her rules and routines to a tee until I figured out a rhythm that fit our home.  I encourage you to take a look at her website and see what might help you.  I especially love the idea of getting my daughter in on cleaning.  Even at her age of 21 months, she has 3 or 4 things she helps me to get done.  It is never too early to start training :)