Yummy Recipes!

Canned Apple Pie Filling

(This is a fall tradition!!! I wait until the apples are like $.99 a lb. and go to town!! When I need a quick pie, make up a pie crust, pour and bake.)

Canned Crockpot Apple Butter

(This is super easy and makes a great gift. This is a non-spicy recipe!)

Easy Oil Chocolate Cake

(This is a very moist chocolate cake. It has a thin batter, so it is great for cupcakes! Scroll to the bottom of the post.)

My Cake Secrets, Part I 

(Here are some secrets on how to get a moist cake!)

Non-dairy Pumpkin Cake

(This is another non-dairy and eggless recipe we use with my daughter. It's very tasty!!)

Pizza Seasoning

(This recipe has been around my recipe box for awhile. Unfortunately I'm not sure where I got it. Boy is it yummy though! I use it on all of my homemade pizza and my stromboli!)

Rachie's Pasta Salad

(When picnic weather comes along it's time for some yummy pasta salad!)

Rachie's Stromboli

(Is it a calzone or stromboli? I'm not exactly sure, but I do know that it is an amazing pizza-like substitute! It's a great freezer recipe too!)

Strawberry Freezer Jam

(This is a super easy recipe. Gotta love Smucker's jellies and jams...but this will knock your socks off!)

Wacky Cake

(This is a great non-dairy and eggless recipe for my allergy sweetie. There are variations for chocolate, vanilla, lemon, orange and spice cakes. There is also a gluten-free variation too! This cake is so yummy that all of our family enjoys eating it too!)

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