Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Journey to Healthy: WEBINAR

So I have not been on here for awhile. It has been a whole year since we started our Journey to Healthy. We are celebrating 1 year of change for our family by sharing with you what God has done with our health.

LUNK: Real Living without the Junk

It soon became my passion to share with others about natural health. I enlisted help from a friend to take my passion and put it into motion. We were able to start a Facebook group to support others with all kinds of information about natural living. We named it LUNK: Real Living without the Junk. We are so grateful to be able to share with others what we have been learning and to create a support system for so many people. We also have another Facebook page where we share more specifically how to make natural cleaners and how to use essential oils. 

I would love to share with you all about Clean Eating and a Healthy Lifestyle. I would love to sit down with each one of you and share my heart and our story. So I am scheduling you in... around homeschooling, cleaning, cooking and running my business...


I am holding a webinar this Thursday, Aug 20 at 9pm EST. Get registered here.

This will be a LIVE event about the changes my family has made in nutrition and natural supports to make us healthier. I will give you the basics tour! 

You can join from your computer or call in from your phone to listen. You can stick around and ask questions too if you are on the computer. Please share this with anyone you think may benefit from it. My heart is to minister to anyone I may be able to reach out to. I don't want them to feel alone like I did!

"I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." John 10:10b

Loss of a Sweet Friend

Well... It has been FOREVER since I last posted. We have lost and gained some new members to our family.

We lost our buddy, Honda on Easter day this year. He was at the breeder and was hit by a car.
It was tragic for our family. We mourned a lot. Burying him and explaining it to our 5, 3 and 1 year old was so difficult. Seeing his picture still stirs up sadness.

We miss you sweet Honda!
Norma we still have this out along with your painting! Very healing :)

He always loved my babies :)

We are so thankful that the Lord provided not just 1 new pup, but also a second to our family. It has brought so much healing to have another fur buddy around!

This is our new dog Vetiver. He reminds us of how small Honda was as a pup! Of course, we forgot about the crazy energy and the crate training pups bring with them.... but we love him! The kids adore him. He gets toted around and adored every minute of every day! I secretly hope he likes me best :)

This is my mom's dog Patchouli. She loves our kiddos! She is about twice as big as Vetiver, so she has potty training down a little better. She is the loud one! She is half Maltese and she may or may not be Honda's pup.

We are in love with our new little family.

Names? Oh yes! You may be wondering. Ha!

They are essential oils!

Vetiver--- LJ will tell you--- helps her sleep and focus!
Patchouli promotes a smooth, glowing complexion, helps balance emotions and helps with attention.

For more information on essential oils.
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