Monday, April 18, 2011

Life at our House now!

Well life around here has been really busy, but so much fun.

We had a lot of visitors over the past 4 weeks.  First, the Strickland grandparents and Great-Grandma Strickland came out for Ben's birthday.  Then, they came back 2 weeks later for Leona's Baby Dedication.  The following weekend Ben's cousin, Jenny, came for a few days on her way to a Missions conference.  She stopped on her way back the next weekend.  The weekend after that, my Mom and Corey came for 9 days over Spring Break.  It has been a great time with family.  We miss you all so much.

Leona was supposed to have an appt. in Indy with a specialist, but it has been moved to May 5.  Ben has a conference in Indy the end of that week, so we made them correspond to save on the gas and hotel $$.  We can't wait to have a little getaway with our little family.

Leona is growing by LEAPS and BOUNDS!  She'll go to the dr. the end of next week to check her weight and I think she is going to jump all over the chart!  She is getting so tall and's great!  I am estimating she is at 25# already.  She is in 2T clothes now, so right on track! YAY!

It's hard to imagine that our little girl is almost 2 years old!!  CRAZY how fast it goes.  Everyone used to say it and I just thought it was hogwash...but boy do I agree now that I am living it!  She is a strong-willed one for sure.  She wants it her way, but we are working on obedience. I love seeing such a strong spirit though!  I just pray that she'll use it for the Lord and not herself.

We have been potty training since 17 mos. and are hoping to be there by 24 least for the daytime.  We finally resorted to some gummi bear treats and she is loving that :)  If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in a comment :)

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PS pictures coming soon :)