Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Homemade Disposable Wipes

Well... I'm off on another adventure to save some money and take care of my family...by making some Homemade Disposable Diaper Wipes.

 I can't wait to try them! I will update this post when I have tried them and see how long they last.

Here is the recipe:
     1 roll Bounty paper towels, select-a-size (You will only use 1/2)
     1 c. water (using filtered or distilled water is better)
     1 Tbs. Baby wash (Right now I am using Melaleuca's Koala Pals) or shampoo
     1/2-1 Tbs. Olive Oil (some use vegetable oil)
     optional: 2-3 drops Tea Tree Oil

Note: Many comment that it must be BOUNTY!!
Things You will need:
     1 large, sharp knife or electric knife
     cutting board
     1 c. measuring cup, plastic or glass
     1 Tbs. measuring spoon
     1 rubbermaid container that is at least 5.5" tall with lid (You can just use a freezer gallon baggie too!)

Cut the paper towel roll in 1/2 using the knife or electric knife. Remove the cardboard insert. Place one of the halves in the plastic container.

Warm up the water in the microwave for 1 1/2-2 min.
Add Baby wash/shampoo and olive oil to the water and mix well. (See my note below about ---->Baby wash!!!)
Add Tea Tree oil to the water if desired. This will help prevent any mildew. Mix well.

Pour the water over the paper towels evenly. Place the lid on top.

Let it set 10 min.

Flip the container upside down.  Allow it to set 10 min. (Some people remove the cardboard insert at this time instead.)

UPDATE: Here is my new container:
I bought this at Wal-Mart for around $7.
I used the 2nd size. A extra fat paper towel fits perfectly!

Here is the cost breakdown:
     Bounty paper towels, select-a-size (12pk. at Wal-Mart $16.74)....so that's $.70 per 1/2 roll
     Baby wash (3 pk. of 11 fl. oz. at Melaleuca $14.49)...so that's $.22 per Tbs.
     Olive Oil (25.5 oz. at Wal-Mart $5.88)...so that's $.12 per Tbs.
     Tea Tree Oil (from Trader Joe's $2.99)...it's like $.02 per recipe
     Rubbermaid container (1/2 gallon 2 pk. at Meijer's $1.99)...so that's $1.00 as a 1 time cost.

That's $1.06 for 121 sheets.  That's $.008 so less than a PENNY per sheet!

Compare that to my normal Pampers Sensitive $10.97 for 448 sheets (which granted are a little larger) with normally a $.50 coupon....that comes to a little over 2 cents a sheet. 

Now while this might not save the bank, I know what is going into the wipes...which is one of my main causes for switching. Not to mention I don't have to run out to the store if I need more wipes...just grab the items and make them.

According to Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, Pampers scored 3-5 on the toxicity chart. The sensitive wipes included all of these ingredients and scored a 3 toxicity level:
Disodium EDTA
Xanthan Gum
BIS-PEG/PPG-16/16 PEG/PPG-16/16 Dimethicone (ORGAN TOXICITY)
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil (SERIOUSLY????!?!?)
Sodium Phosphate
Benzyl Alcohol (RATES A TOXICITY OF 6)
Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate
Citric Acid
Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract

----Now I can be sure what is going into my wipes....obviously water, olive oil and then the ingredients in your baby wash.  I am not exceptionally happy with the ingredients in my current baby wash, so I plan to switch to a brand with a Skin Deep scoring of 0-1 to make it even healthier. 

Unfortunately many people don't realize how dangerous their child's shampoo or baby wash truly is...especially when you use it on a newborn's head that is still soft!!! Did you know that the Johnson & Johnson collection range from 3-6 in their baby washes?  Thought Aveeno is more natural...their ratings are about the same.  Be careful of things that say organic...this word has no regulation by the FDA.

Here are some great rated products I found on Skin Deep.  I am not sure which one I will try next...potentially Earth Mama Angel Baby. I will post my reviews of any that I try at the bottom of this page. I included any links if you want to purchase them online.

Rated at 0:
Adorable Baby 100% Natural baby wash
Belly Buttons and Babies baby wash (Amazon)
Earth Mama Angel Baby baby wash (find a store or on Amazon)
Poofy Organics baby wash
Terressentials Organic Baby wash
Herban Lifestyle Baby Got Bath Wash
Nourish Baby Organics baby shampoo and baby washes
Tawna Hill Baby

Rated at 1:
Burt Bees Baby Bee shampoo (Amazon or Drug Store or at a local store)
California Baby shampoo and baby wash (find a store or on Amazon)

Maybe you are wondering about the items you use everyday?  Some of the woman's cleansing products will just AMAZE you!!  Check out the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database to see what's in your products!

UPDATE: My Review

-SAFER: I know what is going into my wipes!
-LESS CHEMICALS: No more unknown or unnecessary chemicals in your wipes!
-EASIER: No waiting for a coupon or stopping at the store. Just have to make sure I have the paper towels on-hand.
-LESS WASTE: Smaller towel pieces ensure less waste into the trash pile and they look like they would disintegrate very easily.
-SENSITIVE: These are sensitive on my baby's very sensitive skin because I can control what wash I am using.
-SAVINGS: About $1.20-$1.70 per batch.
-EASILY ACCESSED: With the exception of needing 2 hands for the container, the wipes come out easily.

-SMALLER: Sheets are thinner and smaller than a regular wipe.
-RESEARCH: You have to do some research on your baby wash to make sure it is safe for your baby.
-CONTAINER: Not as useful as the store bought containers. You have to have 2 hands to open the container.
-THINNER: I have ripped 1 sheet this batch.
-LESS WET: Some have commented that they do not stay as wet as long as the store bought brands.  I have not experienced this
-TRAVEL: These don't fit my little travel case that I used to use with my Pampers wipes.  I will be using a freezer baggie or zipper dry bag from now on.

How Long Did They Last?
On my 2 year old's bottom, using on average about 4-5 sheets a day, my first batch lasted about 3.5 weeks.

Reviews of Level 0-1 Baby Wash/Shampoos
-Melaleuca's Koala Pals Baby Wash or Hair Wash
       Positives: love the smell, lasts a long time, average in price with natural products
       Negatives: not in Skin Deep's database
-Earth Mama Angel Baby Wash and Shampoo
       Positives: Level 0 which is awesome, love the smell, good in diaper wipes, good on sensitive skin
       Negatives: price is very high, didn't last long, did not like when using it on my toddler's hair, hubby did not like it either
-Burt Bee's Baby Wash and Shampoo
       Postitives: Level 1 which is still good, great scent
       Negatives: I don't like it as much for a hairwash