Monday, October 25, 2010

Mommy has a job!

Well...for those of you that don't know....I am officially back at my former school teaching Elementary Chapel.  It is GREAT to be back teaching God's Word to children!  I am getting such fulfillment.  The other joy is that Leona comes with me.  She is still adjusting to Mommy being unavailable when I am upfront teaching, but she is liking the interaction at school.  I plan all of my teaching from home, so I don't have to be away from Leona at all.  It is very part-time, but it is helping us financially! 

I am also tutoring every week a little 2nd grader in Math.  That is going really well too.  I do have to be away from Leona at this time of the week, but a little break for us is great.  PLUS...Ben watches her & has some one-on-one time with her!  It's great!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

She's on the Chart!

Well it has been a great 3 months with Leona's growth. 

In August she gained 9 oz. 
In September she gained 1# 9 oz. 
In October she gained 1# 3 oz. 
That's over 3#'s in 3 months!! YAHOO!!

This past month Leona received the Chicken Pox vaccine.  About a week later she got them all over.  It was very mild though.  She had a temperature for a few days, but the spots did not itch or scab!  Of course this did slow down her eating for about a week!

Leona had a great winter last year---sickness wise.  She only got a few very mild colds, which just consisted of some runny noses & some stay at home days.  Our pediatrician thinks she might be more susceptible this winter, so she got a flu-shot this week too!

Leona was reviewed by 2 Occupational therapists from First Steps.  First Steps is a local organization that helps evaluate & give therapy to developmentally challenged kids under the age of 3.  Leona is doing great in development except for eating.  They will be coming Friday to help make a home plan to teach me how to encourage her eating.  She has been doing really well lately, eating a lot more, however the vomiting has become more frequent!

We met with Leona's Pediatric Developmental Specialist today!  It went really well.  Since Leona has had some vomiting reoccurring lately do to a higher volume of food, she has suggested an Upper Gastro-intestinal scan with a GI specialist. This has been an option for awhile, but has been put off trying to wait out her growth.  We feel it is time to check this.  We thought it would be more invasive, but it will just be a little more detailed than the swallow study.  Hopefully Leona will take the special drink this time without a fight though!!!

We appreciate your continued prayers for our family. We are encouraged with her recent progress! Thanks for checking in with us!  We would love to hear an update from you & your family!