Monday, June 28, 2010

A Long Day at the Hospital

Well on Friday we spent over 3 hours at the hospital with Leona!

Leona was scheduled for an MRI at 10 AM. We arrived & signed in! We got to the radiology department waiting room. After waiting about 10 min. we were off to a waiting room.

We were nervous at how all this was going to go. I mean, how in the world do they keep a little 1 year old still for a MRI?? Well...they knock them out!! We kept her busy walking the little hallway until they were ready for us. Many patients loved watching her Be-bop around the hall!

She got MANY comments like...
"Oh how cute!"
"She is so little!"
"She is such a happy baby!"

After 2 1/2 hours of waiting we were ready for the sedation process. They gave me the oral sedation medicine to give her. She was so good! She just sucked it down for Mommy & Daddy! In about 10 min. she was snoring away!

The MRI process went well. She did twitch for 1 test that they had to re-do. Even asleep she doesn't sit still!!! HA! Afterwards she was still zonked. It took about an hour to get her up enough for the nurses to check her so we could finally leave!

SO---I am sure you are wondering if we got results. I called the pediatrician's office this morning. The nurse said that the dr. had written an exclamation point & NORMAL MRI

We are just praising the Lord for His goodness to us! Now--we just have to face the trip to Riley's July 14.

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