Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Uninvited Guest!

Leona started showing signs of a fever last Thursday with a runny nose.  She is teething 2 top teeth so we just thought it was that.  Then, I thought maybe she was starting a sinus infection because my allergies were terrible, so I began giving her Benadryl on a regular basis.

Friday & Saturday were miserable for her.  Her fever reached 101 & she just wanted to cuddle all the time...which anyone who knows her knows that she is always too busy for cuddling!   Soon vomitting followed the fever, as well as several baths to keep it under control.  Ben was supposed to be on-call, but ended up getting done early to help me with her, especially since I had been at ECA every day that week.

Sunday morning she woke-up with a slight rash on her face.  About a 1/2 hour later I began to put some things together.  A little over a week before she had gotten the chickenpox vaccine.  I had heard of several people that had gotten them from the vaccine, so I began checking her body.  Sure enough...she was covered!  I couldn't believe it!

I am praising the Lord though! She shows no signs of itching!  I can't imagine trying to tell a strong-willed young toddler not to scratch them!  Her fever has been gone since Sunday too.  Really it's just an ugly, annoying rash now.

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