Monday, June 27, 2011

2 Year Appt.

We had Leona's 2 year appointment!  It went REALLY WELL!

weight: 26# 12 oz. (50%)
height: 33 1/2" (50%)

Can you believe it?  I couldn't when the nurse showed me!  Finally an AVERAGE kid! 

We looked back on some photos last night with Leona and I just can't believe how skinny she was.  Some of them, I just cringe at!  God has been faithful to help us find our way in helping her and I just know He helped her stop vommitting for those 5 months!  Thank you Lord!

Update on labwork from last week:
All of the immunoglobins are in normal range, just a little on the lower edge! YAY!

So where do we go now? 
Well...we are still waiting to get the final assessment from her pediatric gastroenterologist.  Once her suggestions come back, we will know a little more of where to go.  Most likely the suggestion will be food allergies, but we probably won't know for 10-14 days. We are hoping that her normal pediatrician will be able to handle her case from now on. She has done a FANTASTIC job!  Thanks Dr. Wendy!

The doctor now wants us to be more normal parents...what a RELIEF!  We are going to be able to be a little more strict on some areas of eating...she is going to love losing her control a little, I'm sure!  Up until now we have had to cater to her likes/dislikes and times when she wanted a bottle or to eat.  Now we will begin pulling out the bottles and just going to sippies; we don't want rotten teeth! YIKES! No more bottle in the bed (which really switched a while ago). We also are going to get a little more variety, but still watch any possible allergies, adding only 1 thing at a time. Lastly, we are dropping the Bright Beginnings Soy Pediatric drink and adding in Soy Milk---sippy cup only!!!

I got a feeling our sometimes stubborn and controling little strawberry shortcake is just going to LOVE these changes!!!! (I wish you could see my face... big eyes and a "Yah Right" expression!) So...we have our work cut out for us!  I am glad to move on to a new stage though... well AFTER 10 days of vacation that is!!!!

We could still use all of your prayers as we still try to put the pieces together on the puzzle of why she vommitts randomly!
Thanks for checking in with us :)

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