Tuesday, August 2, 2011

7 Year Anniversary

We celebrated our
7th Anniversary
on July 17, 2011!

It was just amazing being kidless and
having a date together!

We are thankful that we had someone to watch Leona
all day so we could get out!

We went to Flat Top Grill in Mishawaka, at the
University Park Mall!

The food was great!
It is a lot like a place that my Dad takes me to when I go visit!
It is basically make-your-own stirfry meal!

We went to the movies with my first Groupon purchase!
We loved watching Transformers in 3D!

Leona had a blast without Mom and Dad!
She played with a six year old, went to a splash pad
and even went out for dinner too!

We are so thankful for these past seven years!
It has been a roller coaster of trials at times,
but I am so thankful for a husband who 
just grabs my hand and leads me!

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