Thursday, February 3, 2011

Appt's Are Scheduled

Rachael's Appointments MRI & X-rays are scheduled for Friday morning at 9:15AM.  We are so thankful that we weren't scheduled earlier this week.  We got a blizzard & the hospital was shut-down for 2 days for outpatient care.  They kept nurses & doctors there 24 hours until it started to clear up.  Leona is going to a friend's house b/c we have no idea how long it is going to take.  My guess is like 2 1/2 to 3 hours total.  You know how they like you to wait in the waiting room!  The MRI should take about 45 min. from beginning to end & who knows for the X-rays.

I am scheduled to see my neurosurgeon next Wed. for all of the results & to make a plan from here.  I  really feel like the small herniation in my L4 might be more severe than last year & going in the opposite direction causing the pain in my right leg & that my L5/S1 herniation has had no healing, but we will pray & hope that my thoughts are not correct.  We'll see what the X-rays of my mid-back show too.  I am thinking that it is muscular & not bone related.

Leona's Appointment

Leona will not be going to Riley's for her GI appt.  She'll acutally be going to Peyton Manning's Children's Hospital.  How cool is that!?!?!?!  She is scheduled for April 5, so we have awhile to wait on that.  Her appt. is early in the morning so not sure how we are going to work that out.  If they decide to schedule her for a scope I think that is an all-day event too.

Continue to pray for Leona's Medicaid renewal.  Our case manager is not the brightest bulb on the tree & has made a pain out of this whole renewal process by filling out several things incorrectly on her forms.  Pray that she can work it all out so that we don't have to appear before a judge for an appeal.

We are praising God for His recent provisions lately & just praying that the Lord continues to take care of our financial, spiritual, emotional & physical needs.  We know & trust that His plan is make us more into His image!  Thanks for your prayers & support!!!!

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