Friday, February 25, 2011

What a GREAT B-day Present!

Leona is getting over some Croop & early Pneumonia.  Her cough is finally beginning to die-down!  Thank Heavens!  She spent several nights waking up everytime to coughed...needless to say I was a worn out Mommy!  The coughing came on really suddenly.  She was on some antibiotics & got a steriod injection...not fun!?!?!?  Leona hasn't had too many colds, mild chicken pox, some fevers, but I think this was her real one that sent us to the dr's office, so we have been blessed.

Earlier this week, Leona had another dr's check-up.  I can't tell you how excited I am writing this....

Leona is now
drum roll please!
10% for her weight
and 25% for her height!

That's incredible.  She had just made it onto the chart for weight at the end of October.  She has soared since September when she went on the Bright Beginnings Soy Pediatric drink & the Duocal!  We are just thrilled. What a great early birthday present!

FINALLY we don't have to trapse to the dr's office every month! Sigh  The dr joked that she needs to go on a diet :)  We are going to cut out her Duocal staring in March and see how things go.  She will continue the Bright Beginnings until at least 24 mos. and then the joy of figuring out her dairy allergy will set-in as we look at milk. 

Leona is still scheduled to see a Pediatric GI Specialist in April. We are tracking her vomitting patterns & wondering if it is an allergy related.  We are down to only 2x a month for the past 2 months! YAY!  If she shows no stomach pains, good eating & no vomitting, we might just cancel this appt. We'll see, though!

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