Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mommy's Health

Two weeks ago I had some issues. On Monday, October 17, I started getting really dizzy after dinner time.  I took an easy and was very careful.  By 8:00 I was still really dizzy so I thought my sugar might be low so I ate a couple sour gummy worms to see if that would help. About an hour later I called my Mom for some advice and asked her about when her sugar is low.  She made me list what I had ate and drank all day and suggested that maybe I hadn't ate I ate some peanut butter and a large apple too. She also said that I seemed out of breath a little, but I didn't really notice anything. By 10:30 or so I was spinning even worse as i laid down in bed.  I figured maybe a good sleep would help.

The next morning I got up and could not walk straight.  I figured my sugar has to be low so I poured a huge bowl of Raisin Bran.  I figured the carbs and sugar would def snap me out of such luck.  I did feel well enough to go teach Chapel, but stopped by the school nurse's office on my way in the door.  She checked my sugar (now an hour after I had ate breakfast) and it was at 142...which is perfect after eating.  By then I was out of breath too, so she took my blood pressure and listened to my chest.  I was feeling a little better, so I went to chapel and taught most of the time from a chair and had others set up the stage.

During Chapel I became really out of breath. I felt like I couldn't even finished a sentence with one breath.  At the end of the first hour I started to get really dizzy too.  As soon as we were done teaching I called my OB nurse and awaited a call back on what to do.  Meanwhile I went back to the school nurse and she tested my blood pressure lying down, standing and sitting.  They were all in my normal range.

My OB nurse called back and said that she wasn't worried about the dizziness as I probably had an inner ear thing, but she was concerned about the out of breath issue...she told me to get to my family doctor or ER by the end of the day.  I went just a few hours later to my family doctor. He said that I had floaters in my inner ear causing my vertigo.  He checked my lungs out and said they sounded great.  He said the pregnancy was probably causing the out of breath (I did have this later in the pregnancy with Leona). He also gave me a script for a diabetic glucose tester so I could watch my levels since it was over 200 the week before.

I was so fearful that it was my sugar.  I am so thankful that everything was just fine.

It seems with controlling my sugar intake I am maintaining a better weight gain and that my sugar is staying right where it needs to be. YAY!  Keep praying that it stays that way!

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  1. oh my goodness. I read this and was holding my breath wondering what was going on. SO glad to hear it wasn't anything incredibly serious! Keep pressing're almost half way there. :) So happy to stay connected with you!