Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Project Complete

Within two weeks we had my mom's house sold and we started the process of getting our house on the market. Right before J was born we had started putting in a basement bedroom so that our home would be 3 bedrooms instead of 2.

Here are some of the starting pictures:

When we left off in February 2012, we had about half of the framing up and some drywall. We had finished the electrical and duct work. Now came the hard part. We needed to move the drainage pipe up into the ceiling, put in an egress window, finish the walls, put up trim and put in carpet.

Here are some of the basement project pictures:
replacing the subflooring under the toilet

cutting the drainage pipe out

cutting the cast iron pipe out got messy

new pipes; notice they are up in the ceiling :)

working on the egress window and well

drywall taped, mudded and sanded; all prepped for painting

painting the walls :)

new carpet

painted and carpeted; bring in the furniture!

Finished product!

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