Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shocking and Exciting!

It has been awhile since I last posted on our blog. Life has been busy, shocking and exciting lately. It will take me a couple of posts to get you all caught up.

Little did we know Easter would bring about "new life" in our family.

After visiting family in Ohio for the holiday, we all came down with the stomach flu. Somehow Leona and I were spared from the worst of it. Well...actually I was completely spared. :)

You guessed it...around the middle of April we discovered that we would be expecting our third child. We were well...shocked and surprised.

Several weeks prior we had cleaned out my Mom's house and gotten it ready for the market. We had planned to get ours ready for the market as well. We were hoping to get a larger home to fit all 5 of us (including my Mom) in a year or so and now suddenly we REALLY needed a larger space. With our current home we had no place to put the new baby. (I will get to more about the housing situation in the next post.)

The new baby was destined for a surprising name since s/he was unexpected, so we named this baby "Baby Boo!"

At my 12 week appointment, the doctor was unable to find a heartbeat with the doppler, so I was sent for a quick ultrasound. The heartbeat was around 160 and the due date was confirmed for December 13, 2013.

Unexpected or planned, every child is a part of God's plan. It took a little while to wrap our minds around what God was doing, but ultimately we feel blessed and have faith that God's timing is perfect. Our biggest prayer is that my back will hold up to the demands of packing, moving and carrying a child while J is still learning to walk. Thank you for lifting us up.

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