Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Surgery is Scheduled

Looking at the title to this post, many of you might be confused...NO Leona is not getting surgery and NO I'm not either. 

You guessed it...Ben is going in for surgery next Wed to fix the digital nerve in his pinky finger.

Why? you ask!  Well...this past Wed he put his hand through the basement window.  We were getting severe weather and he went down to close the windows.  He applied a small amount of pressure and it was enough to break the old window.  He sliced the inside of his hand, up in the crease where his pinky attaches to his palm. The cut was very deep and a little over an inch long.  His finger is almost completely numb.  The surgery will be at 5PM at Elkhart General Hospital.

They will numb his complete arm, armpit down.  They will put it in a turnicate to cut off the blood flow.  They will go in and repair the nerve as best as they can.  He will be in a splint for about 2 weeks as it heals. 

So the last healthy person in our family is down too. 

Needless to say our family is down in spirits too.  We are trying to trust God and remember that joy is not based on our circumstances, but on the peace that comes only from the Father.

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