Friday, May 27, 2011

The Endoscopy Experience

Well first of all...thank you for your prayers.  We know they were all at work leading up to and during today's procedure.

First of all, we want to publicly say thank you to Ed and Nancy Ferguson for providing a place for us to stay.  We were completely humbled by their welcoming attitude and servants spirit.  What a great godly family! We only wish we could have stayed longer to visit and get to know them more :)

So it was an early morning for us with an alarm at 6:30AM.  We arrived at the Surgery Center of Indianapolis, just north of Riley's Clarian North campus at about 8:30AM.  After about 10 minutes in the toy waiting room, we were headed in to get started.  At about 9:20 (10 min. AHEAD of schedule) they were starting the anesthesia and she was going under.  She was pretty scared with the mask on, but it only lasted about a minute before she was out.  The dr. started the scope and they had to put her under a little more because she has a really sensitive gag reflex. 

The scope took about 15 min. total.  They found some bumps at the back of her throat.  She said that the causes could be reflux, sinus drainage or allergies.  When she got to the stomach, she found some irritation.  She said this could be from several things...including not eating this morning or bacteria.  She took biopsies of the large intestine, stomach and the esophagus.  She said that they would not be able to diagnose anything until the results come back.  They also took some blood work for some main allergens (milk, egg whites, wheat, etc.).  We'll hopefully hear by next week.

The dr. did put Leona on prefacid, 15mg once daily.  It is the same amount that she was on from 5-12 mos. This was based on the bumps she saw and the fact that Leona has been vomiting again.

We went to the recovery room at about 9:40.  We waited until she woke up on her own because the nurse said that would help her to sleep off the anesthesia.  She woke up with just a little fuss and then acted totally normal...she wanted her DADDY!  We were in the car and leaving by a little after 10AM.  We were shocked to say the least! We kind of tested her out for about an hour with a trip to our favorite store...Trader Joe's and knew she would be fine to travel home. 

So...the whole experience went well.  Going into it we didn't know how we would be able to handle seeing her go through it, but we were actually thankful that the surgery center was tailored for parents to sit it on the procedure. WHAT A BLESSING!

Again...we will keep you updated!

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