Tuesday, May 24, 2011

God Provides Again

This Friday is Leona's endoscopy in Indy.  It will be just north of Riley's Children's Hospital at a pediatric surgery center which is specially made so parents can stay in the room. I am so glad!

God provided a place for us to stay through a friend's parents.  We are so thankful for His provision with a place to stay and lower gas prices! 

The Lord has also reassured us that we are making the right decision.  Suddenly out of nowhere Leona has been vomitting again.  She had a vomitting incident last Sunday that we thought was related to a possible allergy from a snack in the church nursery.  However, she did not eat anything that we know of.  The nursery workers are so careful with her allergies to milk. Then, she had 2 incidents, several times where her stomach has been upset, and bad bowel movements.

We would appreciate your prayers.  Honestly I am kind of excited about it.  Finally some more answers whether negative or a diagnosis!

I apologize if I/we have not kept in contact with some of you.  Life has just been so busy lately...well who am I kidding...life has been that way for the past 2 years.  We hope that reading this blog helps keep you up-to-date on everything here.  I will post anything we find out on Friday!

Here are some pictures I thought you might like to see:
Rachael around 2-3 years old

Rachael with her Mom (again around 2 years old)

Rachael (remind you of anyone?)
I have some other good ones that I'll have to post sometime.  When I look at pictures of me, all I can see is Leona!  So neat!

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