Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Endoscopy Is On

We met with Leona's pediatrician, Dr. Wendy, Monday and talked over the idea of the endoscopy.  She is 100% on board with the pediatric gastroenterologist, Dr. Maisel.  She puts a lot of trust into Dr. Maisel's opinion and stressed that she is one of the best in Indiana.  She also emphasized that with her experience with her other patients that have been to Dr. Maisel that she doesn't often request endoscopies.  In Dr. Wendy's opinion she feels that if Dr. Maisel warrants one, there is reason to go through with it. 

Of course, Dr. Wendy's own opinion is that it is time to find definite answers. To rule out all three possiblities, the endoscopy is needed for all 3.  The other option is to just put her on medication and see how she reacts to it, but she doesn't agree with putting her on medication for things that have not been determined or diagnosed.  She also feels that a set back could come later down the road and then we would not have any answers to go on.

SO...the Endoscopy is ON! 

It is scheduled in Indy for next Friday, May 27 at 8:30AM.

One more thing that added to our decision was the fact that Leona had a vomitting issue on Sunday right before nap time. The incident had the same characteristics of previous times, so it is definitely the same issue. She came out of our church nursery with some break out on her face, so we are suspecting some type of exposure to an allergen.

It will be interesting to see what shows on the allergy lab work they take during the endoscopy.  Of course, Dr. Wendy did say that only things that her body has had exposure to will show up so she might need further lab work later down the road.

We appreciate all of your prayers.  We are hoping to have some answers on Friday, but other results will come back on June 20.  We will keep you updated as we find out more.

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