Thursday, February 16, 2012

34 weeks and the Basement starts

Well...I am 34 weeks tomorrow.  It is hard to imagine that there are only 6 weeks to go until my EDD (estimated due date). I haven't taken many belly pictures lately because I feel so huge!! LOL. I'll post one soon!

We are starting our journey into the 9th month by totally redoing the basement! We are putting a 3rd bedroom downstairs.  It has been many weeks of planning already.  The construction will probably take a year or so to complete, but it is going to be a drastic change already for our house guests when they come to visit for the baby. Here are the plans:

Work So Far
-Ben took down the old nasty ceiling and board that was hiding pipes underneath the north window.
-He also removed those nasty non-working florescent lights! YAY!
-Two duct works were completely off track allowing our furnace to heat the joists! Ben put them back together.
-Our dryer vent was also detached sending some great lint into the rafters! YIKES!
-All of the electrical wiring failed to go through the joists so he had to hoist them up there.
-Ben re-routed some duct work to heat the bedroom and laundry room since they are splitting. He also re-routed some duct work to different areas to eliminate a juncture that jetted out into the bedroom. This pregnant woman got to stand on a ladder and help tape the duct work while my hubby laughed and made sure I stayed steady. Gotta love my tiny arms, hands and fingers :) They come in handy! Sorry no pictures for your enjoyment!

Work For This Weekend
(Dan is coming out to help Ben accomplish some major tasks.)
-move a waste pipe to make room for an egress window
-dry wall ceiling
-stud and dry wall main wall dividing the laundry room from the new bedroom
-put in recessed lighting
-put in outlets in bedroom
-put in 2 outlets on the other side of the basement which is my work area

Here are some beginning pictures:
What the old space looked like as Ben started removing the ceiling and lights.

Ben removing those nasty tiles and the boards that held it up.

You gotta love the headlamp :)

Ben has removed the ceiling and the beaded board that covered a waste pipe.
The pipe will be raised so that an egress window will be on the left.
The old window will be covered over.

Here is the vent to the Kitchen underneath the Baker's Rack!

Here is the vent that goes to the Kitchen underneath the sink!
It's almost together, right?

You can kind of see how the wiring goes under the joists.

Here is a better picture of the wiring.
This is where the dryer vent was detached and spilling into our rafters.
Great for fire safety!! YIKES!
I am so thankful for a pretty handy man as my hubby.  He has really learned a lot over the years.  It is great to see him put all this work into our home for our family.  Seems like he is the nester more than I am!!! We are also grateful to have friends and family that are willing to help out or give their expert opinions...especially Dan as he drove many a mile to come lend a hand :)

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