Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Puppy Pictures

We finally got to go see the puppies. LJ loved seeing them.  She just kept saying "Me hold". Ben and I definitely agreed that we could have taken them all home :) Good thing Baby Buckeye's timing and our new basement project keeps us from getting one.  We also realized that LJ is certainly not ready for a puppy in the house...or maybe I should say that the puppy probably wouldn't survive!  It's going to be interesting how she handles the baby.

Here are some more pictures:

LJ holding the biggest puppy. He was SOOO much bigger than the rest.

Here is Ben also holding the biggest puppy which is a male.
He'll probably be normal Shi-tzu size.

Momma, Kiki, was a little protective at first, but she let us touch them.
She is a great Mommy dog.

Feeding time.
The largest puppy is the one on top to the left.

All of them have spots. This one has one eye spot and dark ears.
Love the spot on his tail too.

This is the biggest one again. He was the first to open his eyes.
Notice his cool spot on top and his dark ears.
He has a Maltese set of eyes I think.

They are starting to weeble and wobble all over.
They will be ready for homes in about 3-4 weeks!

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