Thursday, February 2, 2012

Leona's a BIG girl!

Leona is now officially a BIG girl!
Leona's first night in her BIG girl bed!

Mommy and LJ reading her new devotional book
from Aunt Abby!

Getting settled in with all of her stuffed animals
and of course Honda!
These pictures are from the beginning of January.  Mimi and Papa Corey bought her bed for Leona for Christmas.  We got her "Million Dollar Baby" toddler bed at Once Upon a Child. We are so thankful to start getting the other side of the room ready. 

As you can tell...still working on getting his side ready!
It is going to be interesting having the two of them share such a small room, but I am sure it will work out for a few years!

Ben is currently working on sanding Leona's dresser and side table so we can paint them white to match the room.  We'll post a completed room picture sometime soon!

Mommy's Health
It's hard to imagine that we are almost in the last 8 weeks of the pregnancy! I've been doing pretty well. The braxton hicks contractions keep on coming daily. They have gotten pretty intense at times. I think it is because he is such a mover because on days he is moving a lot seems to be the days when I contract a lot. 

My back and my leg keep hanging in there.  I have had a few little spells, but the chiropractic adjustments and stretching techniques seem to keep any major problems at bay. Honestly we are so surprised and thankful at God's goodness to us in this area.  We certainly expected more trouble during the pregnancy.  It took a HUGE leap of faith just to consider another pregnancy and we continue to trust Him daily. We know that being able to stay home and rest when I need it is definitely one of the major differences this time around.

Names for Baby Buckeye
Many of you have asked about names for Baby Buckeye.  We started with a "for sure" name that we had picked out last pregnancy. Then, we added like 15 more names. Now we are down to about 5 names. We won't be announcing his name until he is born, but it would be nice to at least have a final two before the end of February!!

Baby Buckeye's Apparel
Of course Baby Buckeye's wardrobe would not be complete without some Buckeye apparel.  Here are a few of his newborn onesies!!

Hopefully my next post will be that Leona is finally potty trained!! Stay tuned....

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