Monday, February 20, 2012

Day at the Dr's Office

Well...I spent the day at the dr's office. I had an appt. scheduled on Thursday but I had been noticing a significant decrease in movement for at least 4 days.  The dr ordered an ultrasound and monitoring the heartbeat for about 20-30 min. to make sure the baby was doing ok. They basically wanted to make sure my fluid level was ok, the baby was moving and showing some breathing techniques and that he wasn't stressed in any way. Everything turned out fine.  The nice thing was being able to see such a detailed baby face on the screen.  He is so adorable and looks a lot like Leona did :)  The only bad thing is that currently he is already 6 lbs. 15 oz. based on the ultrasound. She said this is often larger than the actual size, but still...we have 5.5 weeks to go!!! YIKES!

Here are some pictures:
Don't be fooled...that is a foot on the right :)

Love those tiny lips and chubby cheeks!

Baby has long hair already :)

Well...needless to say I am really exhausted.  With the basement remodel and my own physical energy...I'm bushed.  Pray for my strength!

Here are some videos too:
As you can see he had no problem moving during the ultrasound :)

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