Thursday, March 29, 2012

Babies are Blessings

Almost every day I am completely overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness to our Great Savior who has allowed me not only give birth to another child...which seemed impossible with my back health...but that He has allowed me to be truly a Mom this time around. I can get up with my little one and take him in my arms and take care of all of his needs...something that I was not able to do last time, but dearly longed for. Honestly I am just so humbled and astonished at how well my back is doing. You can continue to pray that God would give me good health in this area as it is still a little sensitive.

"J" onesie Mommy made
You can see his blocked tearduct in this picture.

James has been a great eater too! This is also a special blessing this time around. Leona struggled so much with eating and James is actually over eating :) I've had to cut him back to 30-40 min. feeds because he gets too full and won't feed for 4-5 hours. A day after my milk came in he did struggle with latching, but after some help from my lactation consultant, we were able to get him moving in the right direction. I was able to attend a breastfeeding clinic with other moms on Tuesday. What a blessing! We are also awaiting some special pacifiers from Amazon that should help his sleep at night.
home from the doctor's office
On Wednesday, all of us packed up...I forgot how much you have to pack up for a newborn...and headed to the pediatrician's office Wednesday. Other than a blocked tearduct, which should go away on its own, James was given a clean bill of health! PRAISE THE LORD! We are just so thankful for a healthy baby boy! James left the hospital weighing 7 lbs. 10 oz. and has already gained 1.3 oz.! I guess a normal target is 3-7 oz. after a week of the Mom's milk coming he is right on track :)

his pj's read: "little heartbreaker"
As you can see, James is very alert when he is awake.  He loves meal time and getting all clean as you can see in this picture :)
"Mommy's Champ"

cards from some of my Chapel students
in Mrs. Yoder's class :)

Our little James is quite an addition to our family! We just adore him and feel so priviledged to raise up a man for God!

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  1. He is sooo precious! I am incredibly thankful that things are going so differently this time around too! Huge praise!!!! Makes a difference!!
    Love, Krista