Monday, March 12, 2012

Basement Project---We have a ceiling!

Ben continues to work on our basement project.
Last week Ben put up all the insullation.
It was a yucky mess he said.
I was not aloud to go down because of the fibers.
Ben with our neighbor Ken (back) and friend Craig (front)
cutting the first sheet of drywall for the closet.

Ken and Ben putting up the closet ceiling piece. The first piece was the trickiest!

The light hole to screw it in!

Making progress!!

The bed makes a great step stool!

14 hours later the bedroom ceiling is up and most of the laundry side is done. Today Ben put up the recessed lighting trim and a few smaller pieces of drywall up near the washer and dryer.  Next comes the dividing walls for the bedroom and the door. Hopefully Baby Buckeye will hold off yet so Daddy can get that done before he comes.

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