Thursday, March 22, 2012

James Benjamin Strickland is BORN!

Well Baby Buckeye has arrived!

James Benjamin Strickland
arrived at 1:26 AM
on Thursday, March 22, 2012
weighing in at 8 lbs. 5 oz.
and measuring 21 inches long!

Baby James is definitely different from his BIG sister.  Not only does he completely outweigh our skinny minny who came in just under 6 lbs., but he is a very patient and healthy baby boy. He has also fed really well and filled up some diapers! We are so thrilled to experience labor without inducement and leg pain...and praying for no NICU too!


Contractions started on Tuesday night and continued into Wednesday day. By about 4PM they were about 10-20 minutes and had no rhythm. By 5PM they were getting more consistent and getting about 5-7 min. apart. We headed up to the hospital at about 7PM. We were admitted and had the epidural by 10PM. At 11PM we got a little dose of pitocin to get things going a little smoother. At 1:06 I was suddenly fully dilated and James' heartbeat was not staying steady. After waiting for the doctor to show up and three pushes later, James, AKA Canon, was born :)

James is doing very well! He is feeding well and is a great sleeper!

Mommy is doing great, as well. We are so blessed to see her back hold up so well over the whole term and labor of this pregnancy. It is such a different experience! Thank you for all your prayers over these past 9 mos.

Leona got to meet her baby brother today. At first she was pretty hesitant, but then she was excited to see "baby". She even colored a special picture for him and Mommy!


  1. Oh SO excited for you and your sweet family of 4 now! Congrats on adding James - he will be an amazing blessing, just like Leona has been. :) Cuddle that little guy like there's no tomorrow!